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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

Jeans: AG Stevie Ankles | Top: Bordeaux | Scarf: Anthropologie (similar) | Bag: Coach | Rings: Urban Outfitters & Light Years | Watch: Michael Kors | Booties: Via Neroli

Happy 2014, a few days late... I’m so excited for the new year, and even though I’ve never really believed in “New Year’s Resolutions,” {I never keep them anyway} I have been thinking about what I hope to do better this year, so here goes...
Have a better work/life balance…While having my first big girl job has been very rewarding, it has seriously affected my social life {and not in a good way} so this year, I am dedicated to having much more fun.
Live in the moment. I tend to always be planning for the future or reminiscing in the past, but this year, I want to enjoy each day moment by moment.
Promotion… because I’m always wanting more!
Give back.  I have such a strong desire to help others and make the world a bit better; I’m so excited to be joining Junior League this year and to be able to contribute.
Learn to cook.  It’s no secret I need some major help in the kitchen.  This year, I plan to take a few classes and make time to actually prepare meals…practice makes perfect after all.
Cheers to the best year yet!

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