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Monday, October 26, 2015

Cozy Sweaters & Leather

Pullover: Anthropologie | Leggings: Anthropologie | Booties: Via Spiga, similar | Clutch: Saks Fifth Avenue

Hello!  It's been over a month since my last post {I promise I've been wearing cute things} That's the longest I've gone without posting in almost two years.  {I've missed it so much} I just got back to the city from a much needed trip to the Outer Banks with my family.  A week of relaxing and spending time with everyone really spoiled me.  I moved into my official apartment here a day before my vacation, so there is still so much to do!  This weekend  I found every excuse I could to explore the city instead! {priorities!}  I had no idea that so much was involved in this process.  I never doubted that I was capable of doing these things, I just never envisioned doing things like apartment shopping, building furniture, budgeting, cooking, etc. by myself.  I'm having an interesting and sometimes fun time learning though.  Occasionally, I'll have "ahh I can't believe I actually did this and I'm finally here" moments.  I've wanted to live here for so long that it feels surreal at times.  But there are areas that have lacked the glamour I initially dreamed about.  I'm currently sleeping on an air mattress, eating meals while standing at my bar {until I get real furniture} I've wrecked my car in my parking garage, had a flat tire, gotten lost countless times, had to learn how to sleep through sirens, yelling etc.  gone on perhaps the worst first date of my life, and cried until I've had to laugh at myself way more than once. My mom recently told me that I'd look back on some of these experience and laugh, and laugh a lot.  It's already kind of funny & despite the less than perfect details, there's no place I'd rather be.  Anyway, I've been living in cozy sweaters and leather this fall and it's so beautiful here.  Sorry for the personal tangent.  Have a Happy Monday!

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