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Monday, May 2, 2016


Tee: t.la similar | Jeans: AG, similar | Flats: Vince Camuto  

I had a great weekend…on Saturday, I ran a 5K for Bright Beginnings, and I was actually able to run more than 2 miles and finished at 35:55 -- not exactly brag worthy, but I was excited.  After the run, I decided to take a walk around the mall and face time my mom.  Unfortunately a few minutes later, my phone decided it would shut down, and even though I had plenty of battery, I couldn't get it to turn back on, {I tried every 5 minutes} meaning No Uber back home.  I walked around the monuments 45 minutes looking for a cab and couldn't find one!! I saw so many cabs, but no one stopped or they already had a passenger. By this time, I had reached the World War II Memorial.  There was a group of WW II Veterans being escorted around, and I became emotional when I saw these heroes...so now I was walking around DC looking for a cab and crying!!  I continued to walk towards Constitution Avenue and finally got into cab.  As soon as I climbed in, the driver told me that he could only take me home if I had cash because his credit card machine wasn't working.  I told him that I didn't {who carries cash?!!} so I had to get out.  By this time, I needed a restroom, and it was becoming an emergency.  Of course, there aren't any shops around so I started looking for a museum.  DAR was the first one I saw--I practically ran inside// It was extremely quiet and there was a man formally signing in all of the guests {of course}.  I didn't feel that it was appropriate to make a beeline for the restroom, so I told him that my phone had died and asked him to call a cab for me.  He looked very confused and continued to check in other guests, so I made a mad dash to the restroom.  As soon as I got back to the front door, he asked me where I had been, and I ignored his question and asked about my cab.  He called one for me and then we chatted for about 15 minutes...I was learning way more than I needed to know and there was still no sign of a cab!!  He must have gotten tired of talking to me because he eventually asked me how I had gotten into the city, and told me that I might want to take an Uber back home  {I'm not sure why he thought I would still be waiting for a cab if Uber was an option}  Anyway I ended up leaving and went back out to look for a cab again--and after another forever long wait, someone finally pulled over.  It took me 2 hours from the end of my run and $20.00 to travel 3.5 miles but I was thrilled to finally be home!  I immediately plugged in my phone and had 16 messages from every member of my family.  During all of this time, my mom had come to the conclusion that I had been abducted {watching TAKEN one too many times will do that to you} and had called everyone in the family.  I'm not sure how I always seem to end up in situations like this but if there's a harder more complicated way to do anything, I will find it!  I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and then church and traditional Sunday dinner with my sister.  The weekend went by way too quickly but Happy Monday!

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